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Giancarlo Toniutti ‎– Epigènesi (LP, 1986, Giancarlo Toniutti ‎– K di Rⁿ ) (FLAC)


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Giancarlo Toniutti ‎– Epigènesi
Label:Giancarlo Toniutti ‎– K di Rⁿ
Format:Vinyl, LP, Numbered
Style:Abstract, Musique Concrète, Experimental

A - Tèndine Lividìssima Cesòia  27:45

B - Ethmòs-Crivèllo 23:47

Comes with a 40-page 26,5 x 19,5 cm sized hand numbered and signed book written by the Giancarlo Toniutti, with photos and drawing. LP cover and inside sleeve hand signed and numbered.

"The recordings contained in this work consist in maltreatments of sound-sources, mainly acoustic, performed by me in Udine, in my home-studio and in some other different places, from 5.1.85 to 15.1.86. Such recordings were then by me assembled (technical maltreatment), from 14.1.85 to 15.1.86, and mixed, from 31.12.85 to 21.1.86, in my home-studio in Udine.
This booklet contains works realized by me in Udine from 3.9.84 to 29.11.86, and four works by as many authors. This co-presence pursues my will of semantic extension to that external-me producing pregnant resonance.
Thanks to: Jonathan Walker, Anthony Leone, Giuliana Stefani, Robin Stege, Enrico Piva, Andrea Zanzotto, Massimo Toniutti, Loris Ferron, Mauro Teardo, Natalia Mazzon, Giampaolo Giorgetti, René Thom.
each one for a peculiar meaning."

Tèndine Lividìssima Cesòia: 1985
Ethmòs-Crivèllo: 1985-86

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