lunes, 4 de junio de 2018

Clock DVA Demos - Strawberry Studios, Manchester, England 1982 (FLAC)

Date on box: 10th November 1982

Demo sessions for Clock DVA's 1983 LP "Advantage" transferred from a source very close to the master reel. The sound quality of these transfers is superb.

I'm assuming the track names are the same used on the final release, but the running order is different. These demos are in no way as commercially polished as Hugh Jones production on the final record and possess the unique quirky, experimental, avant garde, jazz-funk, New wave, electro, fusion as mentioned on the DVA discog website. I much prefer these versions to the SARM recordings.

1. Tortured Heroine
2. Beautiful Losers
3. Eternity in Paris
4. Breakdown
5. The Secret Life of the Big Black Suit
6. Dark Encouter
7. Resistance
8. Poem

pass for unzip : savecueandlog
download: google drive

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  1. Hi,

    I don't know what is happening with your files but curiously when it's savecueandlog it never works. I never had any problem before but since a few weeks, there is nothing to do. All the rest works though.

  2. Why not quote your original source?

  3. Clock DVA - Demo (1982)
    Clock DVA -Institute for Contemporary Arts [ICA] (London UK) (04-10-1983)
    ClockDVA - Demo 1979