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Maeror Tri ‎– Rare & Old Recordings / Fragilitas (1993, Cassette, Compilation, C90) (Drone Records ‎– DR-00 ) WAV

From 1988 to 1996, Maeror Tri were a German trio that used only electric guitars and tons of processing devices to create their floating and static droning soundscapes. The group is now disbanded. Knappe and Gitschel formed Troum, Siehl is currently working as Tausendschoen.


Maeror Tri ‎– Rare & Old Recordings / Fragilitas
Label:Drone Records ‎– DR-00
Format:Cassette, Compilation, C90
Released:1993 (only private for friends)
Style:Ambient, Industrial, Experimental

  Rare & Old Recordings

A1     –Maeror Tri     Landscape Of Visionary Thoughts     15:20
A2     –Maeror Tri     Arcana     4:20
A3     –Maeror Tri     A Storm Of Sparks     4:27
A4     –Maeror Tri     Sibilans     4:22
A5     –Maeror Tri     Chirping     6:24
A6     –Maeror Tri     This Is Heaven     2:26
A7     –Baraka(H)    Subliminal Love (Amama)     7:34

B1     –Maeror Tri     Fragilitas     5:49
B2     –Maeror Tri     Avaldamon     6:19
B3     –Maeror Tri     Gate To Your Soul     4:55
B4     –Maeror Tri     Suavitas     3:37
B5     –Maeror Tri     Searcher     9:04
B6     –Maeror Tri     Amplexari     6:02
B7     –Maeror Tri     Melting In Warmth     3:22

 Gift from Stefan Knappe (Maeror Tri).

Side A: Collection of rare and unreleased tracks.

Side B: Previously issued on C-45 cassette in 1991.

All recordings made between October 1990 and October 1991. "Suavitas" is dedicated to Martin. This is a private tape-release which is not available for sale.
All material has or will be released on different tapes and compilations.
"Das Bewußtsein von Vergänglichkeit macht jeden von uns einsam"
DRONE RECORDS DR-00 / November 1991

Cassette case with 4-panel J-card and folded insert. Cassette shell with sticky strips

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