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Tuxedomoon - Live Collection 1978 - 85 (Radio FM and Soundboard) Flac

As a little supplement to Josep´s wonderful Tuxedomoon live release
Tuxedomoon live
and a tribute to Mr. Bruce Geduldig (R.I.P.).

A little collection of four concerts from 1978 - 85 in great quality.


R.I.P. Bruce Geduldig, 1953-2016


1) Tuxedomoon - 1978-05-28 The Palms Cafe, San Francisco, CA
     Stereo SBD

    DISC 1 (52:13)

SET #1
01 UNKNOWN TITLE (?!?)......................(3:36)
02 Nite & Day (Hommage A Cole Porter).......(5:31)
03 Little Daughter (?!?)....................(7:19)
04 Waiting For You (?!?)....................(2:20)
05 UNKNOWN TITLE (?!?)......................(4:13)
06 Cybernetic Cowboy (?!?)..................(4:45)
07 New Machine..............................(5:14)
08 Ballad Of The Coalminer (?!?)............(3:09)
09 Lili Marelene............................(5:04)
10 Rhumba (CUT).............................(6:28)
11 Angel Of Death (?!?).....................(4:27)

DISC 2 (33:39)

SET #2
01 Mein Auto (?!?)..........................(4:19)
02 Litebulb Overkill........................(3:37)
03 Joeboy - The Electronic Ghost (CUT)......(4:41)
04 Stranger.................................(3:57)
05 I Am The Underground (?!?)...............(3:42)
06 This Modern World (?!?)..................(3:27)
07 UNKNOWN TITLE (?!?) (CUT)................(3:12)
08 Angel Of Love (?!?)......................(6:38)


Steven Brown - vocals, synthesizer, electronic percussion
Blaine L. Reininger - vocals, violin, guitar
Winston Tong - vocals
Victoria Lowe - vocals
? anyone else ?  (Tadlock, Cruikshank?, Belfer?)

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2) Tuxedomoon 1980-10-07 Ratinger Hof, Düsseldorf
     FM (Radio recording)

01. East
02. Jinx
03. Music #1
04. Dark Companion
05. Again
06. Desire (text excerpts from 'Soma' in the beginning) 
07. Litebulb Overkill
08. Incubus (Blue Suit)
09. What Use?
10. In The Name of Talent
11. 59 to 1
12. Everything You Want

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     Stereo SBD

101 Allemande Bleue / Courante Marocaine (last seconds)
102 Courante Marocaine / The Stranger
103 Gigolo grasiento
104 Volo vivace / Tritone
105 Blind
106 Everything You Want
201 Everything You Want (conti.)
202 Egypt
203 (Special Treatment for the) Family Man
204 Dark Companion
205 Again
206 Desire
207 59 to 1

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4) Tuxedomoon Den Norske Opera Oslo - Norway 1. December 1985 Late Show
     Stereo SBD

01-Reading writing rythmatic. (cut`s in)
03-St John
07-Some guys
08-Blood flow
09-Hugging the Earth
10-Break the rules

pass for unzip : savecueandlog

Enjoy one of the greatest bands of all time...

Big THX to all the uploaders on Dime who make this possible..

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  1. Legendary band!
    You can loose yourself into their music.
    Still active and doing interesting music today!
    Love them!

  2. Thanks! I shall enjoy these. :-)
    Jan (Netherlands)

  3. A REAL JEWEL !!!!

  4. I remember Bruce being always backwards making film projections on their friends during the gigs in Europe in the Eighties, and sometimes coming for recalls on stage for dancing a little bit with a tennis racket on his right hand and moving it in a randomize stile. He looks very different from other people of the band, like a very healthy classical manager or an actor being with the others for instance, and was very discrete and private for the rest of the time. Che la terra ti sia lieve, Bruce,(italian) Tuxedo and fans gonna miss you a lot in the future, You where essential to the Band. Con Rimpianto , Gino (Indomito)

  5. they've change my life. the deepest and living romantic way to come across this life.
    R.I.P. Bruce.

  6. they've change my life. the deepest and living romantic way to come across this life.
    R.I.P. Bruce.

  7. they've change my life. the deepest and living romantic way to come across this life.
    R.I.P. Bruce.

  8. Thanks very much for this collection-i was looking for the Palms Cafe Tape for years,but outside the torrent world it was not to find.The first track in the second set is indeed ''Auto aus Fleisch'' ( which means ''car made of flesh''),because i have this from Blaine Reinigers website!I have a tape of the show in Düsseldorf since the early eighties,i Don't think its a Radioshow since on this old tape that is of very low generation (and indeed very good quality!) there is no mentioning of a Radio Transmission and the only one doing this would be the local WDR ,but back then they were not yet interested enough in underground music apart from some slots in the TV programme ''Rockpalast'',but these were only broadcast via rdaio for the big Rockpalast Nights,like the did with Peter Gabriel,Patti Smith and with Police in 1980.I think my tape is longer,so in case i will provide missing track(s).

    1. Thx for your informations! I have a lot of flac boots from the "torrent scene".From 78 to 2016..Maybe i can help you when you looking for a special gig.

      Thx savecueandlog

    2. Hello again,now i could compare my tape and yours of the Düsseldorf Show and mine is a very good Audience Tape whereas yours comes from SBD source,since the stereo separation of the instruments in the different channels is clearly audible!.In the comprehensive book ''Music for Vagabonds - The Tuxedomoon Chronicles'' by Isabelle Corbisier there is no mentioning of a Radio Broadcast,but it helped me to confirm some more titles of the Palms Cafe Show : 103 is indeed Little Daughter,105 is called Rhythm Loop (as you can find it as well under this title on ''Pinheads on the Move''),106 is indeed called Cybernetic Cowboy,contained in the Colorado Suite that is not from 1977 (as you can find it on youtube),but from 02.78 as this was the time when they had a week or so at the local University to use the local Video facilities there.According to the book,Track1-11 is called Death in Venice and the last track of set two is called Pollio X (contained in the Colorado Suite under this title!)
      At last here is the promised link to the missing tracks from the Düsseldorf Show.Feel free to incorporate it in your file,since i put it on zippyshare and these files tend to disappear when they are not downloaded frequently!
      The link:http://www104.zippyshare.com/v/kdkcoqCJ/file.html
      PS:I am most interested in shows from 78-83.Concerning the 70ties i Know of a Miners Benefit from 78 (Only partly available,which i have) and from 79 i have the Deaf Club Show from 9th October 1979 in FLAC (from my own tape copy)and a Show at the Boarding House San Fransisco from 12.03.1979 found on youtube.And i have tracks from a rare Bootleg ''L'Age d'Or''(1978-80) that was stolen from me,but found on you youtube and downloaded it before it disappeared from there again...

  9. Hello again,i have to say sorry for forgetting one track from my Düsseldorf Audience tape to share.It's coming after Nervous Guy,which is Nr 9 and not 10,as i put it.Then comes Volo Vivace (10) going seamlessly into Litebulb Overkill,which is part of the SBD files.I did not separate these two tracks because of the mentioned transition. Here it is for your pleasure:
    Looking forward to more rare Tuxedomoon Shows in the future....

    1. thx a lot!!! here a few older shows..anything interested for you?
      all flac format plus the 2 La Edad De Oro DVD´s..relases from this poat are inside also
      best savecueandlog

      Tuxedomoon - 1978-05-28 The Palms Cafe, San Francisco, CA
      Tuxedomoon - 1978-07-17 The Plank, San Francisco, CA
      Tuxedomoon - 1979-03-04 Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco, CA
      Joeboy Productions Presents The Peccadillos (Tuxedomoon) 1979-09-15 Mabuhay Gardens San Francisco USA
      Joeboy Productions Presents The Special Guests (Tuxedomoon)1979-09-15Mabuhay Gardens San Francisco
      Tuxedomoon - 1979-10-10 Deaf Club, San Francisco, CA
      Tuxedomoon - 1980-04-27 City Disco, San Francisco, CA
      Tuxedomoon - 1980-05-19 Floras Palace Amsterdam Holland
      Tuxedomoon - 1980-09-09 Polish Hall, Los Angeles, CA
      Tuxedomoon - 1980-10-03 Eindhoven
      Tuxedomoon - 1980-10-06 Berlin, SO 36,
      Tuxedomoon - 1980-10-07 Ratinger Hof, Dusseldorf, Germany, FM
      Tuxedomoon - 1980-11-29 Salle de fetes du palais des congres Liege Belgium
      Tuxedomoon - 1981-03-24 Nancy, France
      Tuxedomoon - 1981-04-01 Bordeaux aud MASTER
      Tuxedomoon - 1981-05-19 Nottingham Whispers
      Tuxedomoon - 1981-07-31 SO36, Berlin, Germany
      Tuxedomoon - 1981-09-21 Stockholm, Sweden
      Tuxedomoon - 1981-11-01 Studio 44, Rouen, France
      Tuxedomoon - 1981-12-11 Brussels, Belgium
      Tuxedomoon - 1982-02-28 Liverpool
      Tuxedomoon - 1982-03-09 London, The Venue,
      Tuxedomoon - 1982-03-27 Milan
      Tuxedomoon - 1982-10-16 Paard van Troje Haag Holland
      Tuxedomoon - 1982-10-17 Hal 4 Rotterdam Holland VPRO FM Broadcast
      Tuxedomoon - 1982-12-15 Symphonie der Angst (Berlin)
      Tuxedomoon - 1983-05-24 La Edad De Oro DVD
      Tuxedomoon - 1983-11-25 Tenax, Firenze, Italy
      Tuxedomoon - 1984-03-29 Odeon, Munster, Germany
      Tuxedomoon - 1984-04-08 FM Vienna, Austria
      Tuxedomoon - 1984-04-11 Batschkapp, Frankfurt, Germany
      Tuxedomoon - 1984-08-25 Dan Cinema, Tel Aviv, Israel
      Tuxedomoon - 1984-10-26 Karen Gothenburg Sweden
      Tuxedomoon - 1984-10-31 Vikateatret Oslo Norway FM Broadcast
      Tuxedomoon - 1984 & 1985 La Edad De Oro DVD
      Tuxedomoon - 1985-05-15 Paradiso Amsterdam The Netherlands FM
      Tuxedomoon - 1985-09-17 Hamburg, Markthalle,(fm)
      Tuxedomoon - 1985-12-01-Oslo-Late-Operaen-SBD
      Tuxedomoon - 1986-06-26 The Limelight, New York, USA
      Tuxedomoon - 1986-10-07 Bisquithalle, Bonn, Germany
      Tuxedomoon - 1988-02-29 Hamburg, Große Freiheit
      Tuxedomoon - 1988-06-18 at Teatro Tenda in Umbertide Italy
      Tuxedomoon - 1987-12-16 Athens, Pallas,
      Tuxedomoon - Hugging The Earth (Bootleg Compilation) Joeboy live in San Francisco and Europe 1979-1984

    2. Hello,this an impressive list.I would appreciate very much if you post as much as possible of course,beginning with the one from The Plank,17.07.1978 and then working forwards chronologically.And the one from 15.12.1982 in Berlin ''Symphonie der Angst'' i am especially interessted in,since i had this on LP (my very first Tuxedomoon LP was a bootleg...) and it was stolen and i've been looking in the net since years for this!

  10. forgot.....
    Tuxedomoon 1983-11 Taranto Italy
    Tuxedomoon 1981-02-19 Victoria Theatre San Francisco USA
    Tuxedomoon - 1985-10-18 Palasport, Messina, Italy
    Tuxedomoon - 1983-11-29 Palladium, Rome, Italy

  11. Fallen links. Can you reupload? Thanks.