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A petición popular, resubo este material, subido en su día por mi compañera DARYA.:

Cortex ‘Souvenir/souvenirs’
Published September 28, 2009 electronic , spoken word 4 Comments

Cortex 'Souvenir/souvenirs' cassette coverAlain Neffe (click to reveal Nadine Bal/Benedict G.)
Cortex 'Souvenir/souvenirs' cassetteCortex 'Souvenir/souvenirs' tracklist

01 Cortex E (1:58)
02 Cortex F (1:13)
03 Cortex G (2:17)
04 Cortex H (2:06)
05 Cortex I (3:26)
06 Cortex J (1:34)
07 Cortex K (0:38)
08 Cortex L (4:37)
09 Cortex M (2:21)
10 Cortex N (1:35)
11 [unidentified] (1:03)
12 Cortex O (23:40)

Isabelle Y. (#E, G, I, J, N)
Mirella B. (#F, M, O)
Nadine B. (#H, K)
Tina S. (#L)

Total time 46:10
Recorded 1975 -1982
Cassette released by Insane Music, Trazegnies, Belgium, 1984

Cortex was Alain Neffe’s musical project before he started Bene Gesserit in 1982, his duo with partner Nadine Bal aka Benedict G. 
In 1981-82, the latter was then manager for Belgian New Wave band Digital Dance. 
Cortex was active between 1978 and 1982, their music focusing on electronic ambient tonalities and female poetry reading (in French), 
with tracks merely numbered by their respective letters – so presumably the entire Cortex output amounts to 26 tracks. 
Cortex A, B and C appeared on Insane Music For Insane People #01, 1981. 
Other tracks appeared on other compilations on Insane or elsewhere. 
‘Souvenir/souvenirs’ is probably Cortex’s only full length release. 
The Belgian label Grafika Airlines published this tape as a joint release with Insane Music in 1984. 
My copy is the undated, Insane Music issue. 
Music-wise: The unsettling, metaphysical synth washes make one feel uneasy with their menacing tonalities, 
not unlike the 1972 Solaris soundtrack by Edward Artemiev. 
The readers are very young women just out of teenagehood. 
Their poetry deals with day-to-day concerns of late night cafés, neon lights, jukeboxes, 
the difficulty to find one’s place in society, lost love and lack thereof.


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  1. Dear Darya, thank you very much for this opportunity. I am a big fan of Bene Gesserit and this is trés génial! - btw track 08 is answer to great Suicide! :-)