domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2016

Mekanik Kommando ‎– Snake Is Queen (LP, 1982) (Wereld Rekord ‎– 1A 068-26891) (WAV)

Inspired by DIY, kraftwerk, magma and two tape recorders the band began as a recording project in 1979. The obscure results appeared on cassettes in small quantities. A strange sound, strange music. Eventually this led to a number of lp's, cassettes and countless gigs . They played the light from their eyes.
The inevitable happened and after a few years they disappeared into the void.

Mekanik Kommando ‎– Snake Is Queen
Label:Wereld Rekord ‎– 1A 068-26891
Format:Vinyl, LP, Album
Style:New Wave, Synth-pop 

A1Pain In Eden 4:20
A2 Attraction Of Light 4:38
A3 Passing Clouds 4:45
A4 Crow 3:53
A5 Entangled By Colours 4:01
B1 Door 4:22
B2 Thin Ice 5:04
B3 Snake Is Queen / Endless 4:32
B4 Conquer The World 4:55   


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  1. Yes, great stuff, but what you write is not true. Mekanik Kommando didn't disappear into any void and also never released very obscure cassettes. They did 2 records for Torso Records, and 2 for EMI; hardly obscure stuff. They changed their musical style and decided that a new name was necessary and became the Use of Ashes. This is, in all fairness, quite common knowledge. In February next year there will be a reunion concert. peter van vliet, the singer, has produced my band Beequeen in our final days and is a brilliant producer and musician.

  2. Text is from the bandcamp side.

  3. Hi Frans,
    yes indeed..the story continues.
    This are not my own words..copy this from the Bandcamp-side of the band. So it is her own words or from the tonefloat label who make the re-releases.
    I´m not a specialist for the band, but i like the sound verry much.
    Maybe the wikipedia story in dutch or german was a better idea.
    Thx a lot for your informations (also about Peter producing your wonderful band).

    Best Regards

  4. I see, well, never believe what a band says about themselves. the fact they have a bandcamp means there is no void, I think.

  5. great band. i think the festival is cancelled. sadly. i hope they will play somewhere else

    1. The scheduled show at the Paradox in Tilburg this Saturday was cancelled unfortunately, but new dates have just been announced:

  6. savecueandlog, thanks for this vinyl rip!