domingo, 30 de octubre de 2016

Unkommuniti ‎– Ex-Oblivione ( Black Dwarf ‎– BDC 017, cassette c60, mp3 320)


Formed as a three piece in spring of 1983. They initially played spontaneous music, but later made power electronics and noise music. The only member who could play a little was Tim Gane, who went on to rock stardom. Other members of the group included Joe Manning, Vince Adams, Dave Brown and someone called Smut. 
The group were interested in musical alchemy, as they put it, and ran the Black Dwarf label.

Tim Gane

Uncommunity, The Unkommunity, Thee Un-Kommuniti, Un-Kommuniti, Unkommuniti, Unkommunity

A1 N.A.G. 2:06
A2 Black Goat 2:39
A3 The Hand Behind 3:18
A4 Rats Above Scientists 2:10
A5 Out And Out 2:16
A6 Turn The Inner Eye 4:32
A7 Attack MacDonalds With A Sledgehammer Please 1:26
A8 Odour Of Sanctity 2:39
A9 Wormline 2:34
A10 Truthtrance 5:08
B1 Black Suggestion 3:20
B2 Eidolon 2:59
B3 No Longer An Inch 3:01
B4 Condition-Ut-Extremis 3:06
B5 New Awareness 2:36
B6 Ex-Nihilo Nihil Fit 5:05
B7 Ex-Oblivione 1:24

Password to unzip the rar: STAHLFABRIK

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