domingo, 14 de junio de 2015

WE BE ECHO - NOTHING LEFT (Mystery Hearsay ‎– MH 013, CASSETTE C-90, 1986) (MP3 320)

Pues mira tú por donde, empieza a aparecer material de WE BE ECHO. Llevo toda la tarde escudriñando la red, buscando y preguntando a coleccionistas y finalmente un voluntario anónimo me ha pasado esta cassette ripeada en mp3 a 320, aunque tampoco suena como los ángeles, todo sea dicho.

En esta ocasión, abandonan esa especie de constante homenaje a CABARET VOLTAIRE para adentrarse en sonidos más personales, trabajando un Tecno-Pop underground muy agradable, con voces femeninas que en ocasiones recuerdan a Bene Gesserit o a una versión anglosajona de Diseño Corbusier. 

Sonido frío para noches calurosas.



A1 You Are Everything
A2 Punish You (Part Two)
A3 Never Mind (Survival Version)
A4 Walkout
Drums [Binaural] – Dennis Fadil
A5 Butterfly
A6 The Marksman
A7 Maggot
B1 Anyone But You
B2 Early On
B3 She's Gone
B4 Your Face
B5 Whiplash
B6 Looking For The Light
Vocals – Larry Peterson
B7 Bogeyman Is Coming
B8 Nothing Left




Password para descomprimir el rar: STAHLFABRIK

Password to unzip the rar: STAHLFABRIK

8 comentarios:

  1. Pues gracias a ese donante anónimo y a ti por ese esfuerzo vespertino…Queda claro que lo que nadie tiene es porque no existe. Una birrilla para celebrarlo.
    Anónimo sevillano.

  2. first of thanks, was lookin for this for sometime.
    Looking For The Light is not there and same goes for the last track nothing left.
    am i missing something?

  3. This is not an authorized release!!! I am the label owner and did not approve this posting. We Be Echo's material was re-issued on Vinyl On Demand on LP. Any other blog posting like this one is not fair to the artist and just WRONG! I see many other releases on here that are probably the same!!!

    1. First of all: Hello. (Courtesy primarily).

      Secondly, to say that this is a rip MP3 320 and the material that is on sale, it sounds infinitely better than what I share in my blog, therefore, who enjoys sound 100% high quality, should buy the physical disc, as I suggest in my blog in the warning located above the counter.


    2. Not sure who the above was written by, but I thank whoever posted this as these posts are the only way I can get my old material! I'm still looking for a digitized copy of Pressure Point, also released on Mystery Hearsay.

    3. Tell me the name of the band and the full title of album to find it. Thank you.

  4. The above is not the cassette "Nothing Left" but rather likely the tape "Pressure Point" with possible one track added to that does not belong there.

    "Nothing Left" is a C90 tape and the tracks are completely different. I know, as I just listened to it in its entirety.