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Throbbing Gristle ‎– TG24 (25 (plus 1) x CD,Remastered, The Grey Area ‎– TG CD 24 ) Flac

In loving memory to Peter Martin ( Sleazy) Christopherson and in thought of Genesis.
May he defeat his illness!!!

Throbbing Gristle ‎– TG24
Label:The Grey Area ‎– TG CD 24
Format:25 (plus 1) × CD, Remastered
Box Set: All Media, Compilation, Limited Edition
Released:23 Dec 2002
Style:Abstract, Industrial, Experimental

IRCD02 I.C.A., London, 18th Oct 1976
CD01-01 Untitled

IRCD03 Winchester, 6th July 1976 and Air Gallery, London, 21st Aug 1976
CD02-01 Untitled
CD02-02 Untitled

IRCD04 Nags Head, High Wycombe, 11th Feb 1977
CD03-01 Untitled

IRCD05 Brighton Polytechnic, 26th Mar 1977
CD04-01 Untitled
CD04-02 Untitled

IRCD06 Nuffield Theatre, Southampton, 7th May 1977
CD05-01 Untitled
CD05-02 Untitled

IRCD07 Rat Club, Pindar, London, 22nd May 1977
CD06-01 Untitled
CD06-02 Untitled

IRCD08 Highbury Roundhouse, London, 29th Sept 1977
CD07-01 Untitled
CD07-02 Untitled

IRCD09 Winchester Art School, 11 Nov 1977
CD08-01 Untitled
CD08-02 Untitled

IRCD10 Rat Club, Valentino Rooms, 17th Dec 1977
CD09-01 Untitled
CD09-02 Untitled

IRCD11 Brighton Polytechnic, 25th Feb 1978
CD10-01 Untitled
CD10-02 Untitled

IRCD12 Architectural Association, London, 3rd March 1978
CD11-01 Untitled
CD11-02 Untitled

IRCD13 Goldsmith's College, London, 18th May 1978
CD12-01 Untitled
CD12-02 Untitled

IRCD14 Industrial Training College, Wakefield, 1st July 1978
CD13-01 Untitled
CD13-02 Untitled

IRCD15 Film Makers Co-Op, London, 6th July 1978
CD14-01 Untitled
CD14-02 Untitled

IRCD16 Cryptic One Club, London, 11th Nov 1978
CD15-01 Untitled
CD15-02 Untitled

IRCD17 Centro Iberico, London, 21st Jan 1979
CD16-01 Untitled
CD16-02 Untitled

IRCD18 Ajanta Cinema, Derby, 12th april 1979
CD17-01 Untitled
CD17-02 Untitled

IRCD19 Sheffield University, 25th April 1979
CD18-01 Untitled
CD18-02 Untitled

IRCD20 The Factory, Manchester, 19th May 1979
CD19-01 Untitled
CD19-02 Untitled

IRCD21 Guild Hall, Northampton, 26th May 1979
CD20-01 Untitled
CD20-02 Untitled

IRCD22 Y.M.C.A., London, 3rd Aug 1979
CD21-01 Untitled
CD21-02 Untitled

IRCD24 Butlers Wharf London, 23rd Dec 1979
CD22-01 Untitled
CD22-02 Untitled

IRCD25 Fan Club, Leeds, 24th Feb 1980
CD23-01 Untitled
CD23-02 Untitled

IRCD26 Scala Cinema, London, 29 Feb 1980
CD24-01 Untitled
CD24-02 Untitled

IRCD29 Goldsmith's College, London, 13 Mar 1980
CD25-01 Untitled
CD25-02 Untitled
 Remastered 25 CD version of the original "24 Hour"
 boxed set of 24 live C60 tapes released on Industrial Records. Doesn't 
include IRC 01 "Best Of.... Volume II" nor the two radio interview tapes
 (IRC A and IRC B) from the original set.



Throbbing Gristle ‎– TG24 - 1 Hour Sample

Industrial Records ‎– PTG60CD
CD, Sampler, Promo


1 Untitled 30:03
2 Untitled 29:56



"On December 23rd 2002 Throbbing Gristle release 'TG24', a CD issue of the '24 hours of Throbbing Gristle' cassette box set, originally released in 1979. This set is 24 live CDs, all 60 minutes in length. The hand finished box will also include a sealed file containing a myriad of new and unique artefacts and information provided by all four members of Throbbing Gristle. This CD is a 1 hour sample taken from the various shows featured in the box set."
 pass for unzip : savecueandlog
part 1 
part 2 
part 3 
part 4 
part 5 
part 6 
part 7 
part 8 
part 9 


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