jueves, 21 de septiembre de 2017


Os presento esta soberbia recopilación internacional perpetrada por el sello italiano CONTAMINED PRODUCTIONS. En ella encontramos a grandes de la electrónica experimental europea como Officina Magnetika Antonbrega, B.D.N., Corvu Prettu, Nigredo, Therabaqud Leic, Abra Had Abra... Mi tema preferido de esta compilación es el de Officina Magnetika Antonbrega.



A1 –Officina Magnetika Antonbrega Antaeus
A2 –B.D.N.  Grave Cracker
A3 –Maeror Tri The Glowing Of Night
A4 –E.A. Sinless Song
A5 –Nigredo Carmina Profana
A6 –Corvu Prettu Echo My Funeral
A7 –Capricorni Pneumatici Putredini Obnoxious
B1 –Abra Had Abra Drath
B2 –Cordis Cincti Serpente Noo Ladze Rutha Adz (Evokation Ov Yog Sothoth)
B3 –Therabaqud Leic Cadavre Exquis
B4 –Eliphaz & The Magick Soundshots Khu
B5 –Gerstein + Simon Balestrazzi Just Waiting




Password para descomprimir el rar: STAHLFABRIK
Password to unzip the rar: STAHLFABRIK

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  1. this is my rip...originally posted on vita ignes corpus lignum blog and then re-posted on 1000flights blog

    1. Ok, it's your rip. And what do you propose? Do you want a medal? Do you want me to pay you a commission? Your Rip is traveling at the speed of light through the networks, walking around soulseek and precisely since this p2p network has landed on my computer. My rips also travel through the networks, they also walk around Soulseek and are also shared by other blogs and I do not say anything, because this material is so free to be hung on your blog or any other blog that appears tomorrow. What's more, I do not consider "my property" the rips I make, they cease to be my property when I share them on the net.
      Come, we will continue to live in peace and freedom, that this already begins to look like a mafia.

      Ok, es tu rip. ¿Y qué propones? ¿Quieres una medalla? ¿quieres que te pague una comisión? Tu Rip está viajando a la velocidad de la luz por las redes, paseándose por soulseek y precisamente desde esta red p2p ha aterrizado en mi ordenador. Mis rips también viajan por las redes, también se pasean por Soulseek y también son compartidos por otros blogs y yo no digo nada, porque este material es tan libre de ser colgado en tu blog o en cualquier otro blog que aparezca mañana. Es más: yo no considero "de mi propiedad" los rips quie hago, dejan de ser de mi propiedad cuando los comparto en la red.
      Venga, vamos a seguir conviviendo en paz y en libertad, que ésto ya empieza a parecer una mafia.

  2. hello,your answer is really angry...it was not my intention to get angry feelings and ys I am happy you are sharing this on your blog,I didn`t use any bad word and I didn`t say anything about any medal or any commision---thank you for sharing those great tapes--there is absolutely no reason to get upset-my comment was just to say where in the beginning those tapes were published,i do not see this as a problem neither as an attack to you or to your nice blog---hope this will clarify my idea and keep you NOT angry or upset towards me.Peace!

    1. If I had to go blog by blog saying where many rips of mine were published, I would be writing all day without stopping. I am not taking away your right to write to tell us where those rips were published, on the contrary, write whenever you want, but you must understand that your information does not bring anything, neither good nor bad, therefore it is not necessary to inform us about it, unless you have some "special" interest in making known these facts. Of course I withdraw my anger, but I keep my strangeness when I see your peculiar interest in letting people know where these rips had been previously published. Of course I take your word of "peace", as I asked in my first comment, because I believe that above all we have to live, share and collaborate. This is, personally, the sense that I give to the blogs that I direct.