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S.P.K. ‎– Working Cycle Transmission (5 × Vinyl, LP Vinyl, 10" Box Set, Compilation, Unofficial Release, Limited Edition, 2015) ( Therapeutic/Adverse Recordings) FLAC

S.P.K. ‎– Working Cycle Transmission
Label:Therapeutic/Adverse Recordings ‎– none
Format:5 × Vinyl, LP Vinyl, 10"Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Unofficial Release
Released:20 Feb 2015

Amsterdam Paradiso May 30th 1987
A1 Invocation
A2 Palms Crossed In Sorrow
B1 In Flagrante Delicto
B2 Alocasia Metallica
B3 Necropolis
C1 Kambuja
C2 Oceania / In The Dying Moments
D1 Crack!
D2 Dies Irae

London Brixton Ace April 20 1983
E1 Ich Klage An
E2 Satori
E3 Kult Of The Human Head
E4 Die Elektrischen Varspiele
F1 Hopi Burial
F2 Haiti
F3 In The Dying Moments

Sydney April 21 1979 - London Heaven October 31 1982 - San Francisco Odd Fellows Hall 16 May 1981
G1 Germanik
G2 Maladia Europe
G3 Suture Obsession
G4 Despair
H1 Berufsverbot
H2 Emanation Machine R. Gie 1916
H3 Ground Zero: Infinity Dose

San Francisco Odd Fellows Hall 16 May 1981
I1 Stammheim Torturkammer
I2 Serenace
I3 John
J1 Viktim
J2 The Last Night Of Tibet

Studio Sydney 1982 - Studio Us 1982 - Studio London 1982
K1 Genetic Transmission Alt (Studio Sydney 1982)
K2 The Sickness (Studio Us 1982)
L Serenace Instrumental (Studio London 1982)

All 3 SPK live cd's (Field Rapport San Franciso, Case Study London and Paradiso) on 5 slabs of vinyl and 10" in a beautifull box. - All previously unreleased soundboard recordings from 1987, inclusing one exclusive track: Germanik (Sydney April 21 1979) - 24 track digital recordings bounced to DAT. - 10"
Germanik (Sydney April 21 1979) 6:09London Heaven October 31 1982
Side A Genetic Transmission Alt (Studio Sydney 1982) 4:48 The Sickness (Studio Us 1982) 6:11
Side B Serenace Instrumental (Studio London 1982) 8:23

pass for unzip : savecueandlog

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  1. Live SPK! Total terrorism!

  2. Buenas,

    Muchas gracias por esta musica bestial.

    Al intentar bajar este disco MEGA dice que ya no está disponible, una lástima.

    Gracias de todas formas

    1. No te preocupes, lo subimos de nuevo en breve. Gracias por avisar.