lunes, 1 de septiembre de 2014

Katedrala - Katedrala (Katedrala self-released,1988)

"Katedrala" - an interactive space and performance in Extended Media Gallery - Zagreb (23.2. To 25.2.1988.) - In collaboration with Stanko Juzbaši,  Goran Premec, Ivan Marušić Klif i Darko Fritz. 
Boris Bakal (Zagreb, 18 September 1959), theater and film director, writer, theater, radio, television and film actor, intermedia / multimedia artist. 
His work has, among other things, characterized by a specific research center and atypical performing locations, documentary style approach and the interactive elements in art projects. 
Co-founder of the platform, activist initiatives and arts organizations such as Anti War Campaign Croatia (ARKZIN - ARK's fanzine),  Leteće sveučilište (Flying University), Orchestra Stolpnik and others. 
Both photos above are taken from ARKZIN
In 2002 he co-founded and still leads the international art platform Bacači Sjenki (Shadow Casters). Projects he has worked on have won numerous awards and prizes in Croatia and abroad.

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