Friday, 22 August 2014

Various - Baile Del Sol 1 (not on label, 1987)

My lion takes me on safari...

The cassette compilation of African and Canarian music edited by Canarian cultural collective "Baile Del Sol".
The selection is done by Tito Santi Exposito and Ramirez.
On A side, Africa is presented by Jhonny Clegg (Asimbonanga), Salif Keita (Soro), Mory Kante (10 cola nuts) Yousou N'dour (Nelson Mandela) and Orchestre Jazira (Games). In African pop style, whose lyrics are translated in the graphic.
On the other side side ... Ildefonso Aguilar, with two tracks from his album "Erosion", but they are not on that disk, or not that author. DUE, two tracks by Mataparda, Modern Art (Ninnette in N. York), Juan Belda with the theme "Ytak" but that in the graphs named as "Requielm" and finally, Carmen Hernandez, but I leave two compositions me ... (As I do not know who one is, as two in one!).
Thanks to Mataparda's archive and Autodolor.


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